What are the best basslines to hum along to

Velvet Underground Take a Walk in The wild side
MC Hammer Cant touch this
Queen Another one bites the dust.
NIN - Head Like A Hole
RATM - Take The Power Back

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take a walk on the wild side, i thought that was lou reed?

It is.
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The Art of Shredding- Pantera


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WHAT IS THE PIT!?!?!!!!!!?!??

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take a walk on the wild side, i thought that was lou reed?

i couldnt remember im not a fan but i like the bassline
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Time is Running out by Muse. The buzzy part at the beginning especially. Same with Starlight by Muse. Suture up your Future by Queens of the Stone Age has a catchy one too.
Come As You Are-Nirvana.....
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Festival - Sigur Ros
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Longview-Green Day
Roadhouse Blues-The Doors
The River-Good Charlotte (shuddup)
Jamie's Cryin'-Van Halen
Animal I have Become-Three Days Grace
Head Like A Hole-Nine Inch Nails
Peace Sells-Megadeth
Feel Good Inc.-Gorillaz
The Pit. The Movie.
Bombtrack- RATM

Guerilla Radio- RATM

Freewill- Rush

Hysteria- Muse

No More Tears- Ozzy Osbourne

War Pigs-Black Sabbath

My Generation- The Who
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"Bee's Groove"- Toast Machine

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most famous jazz tune ever
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