I found an early 80's peavey t60 in my area for 350 (hoping to knock it down to 300). This would be my first electric guitar, other than my brother's Epiphone Special that I've been playing lately. I also have an acoustic I've been playing for about a year and a half. I was wondering how this guitar is? I really wanted something vintage, but in my price range (300-500). The guy says its in mint condition, it was his wife's and it was never gigged. Obviously I'll get to see it before I buy it. What do you guys think? Good deal or not?
^ really thats about what those guitars go for. IMO they are steals at that price, they are all USA made and play very nice, if its the northern ash model get ready to have a sore back if your a smaller framed guy, because they wiegh a ton, but they play well and sound good too. They are probably one of the most under rated USA guitars around. I had a chance to get one a few months back for 300, near mint condition, I should have grab it but I don't really need more guitars, but at that price it would have made a killer backup if nothing else.