I know these threads are probably a nuisance, but I'm pretty uninformed about guitars and I need some help making a decision about which one to buy. I've been playing for about six months on a borrowed guitar. I'm trying to teach myself. I listen to mostly metal, and really that's what I want to get into as a player, and folk maybe, but I'm not really even sure what exactly folk is.

Anyway, my budget is around $250. I've narrowed it down for no real reasons to a really nicked-up old ibanez rg470, a nicked-up old jackson dk2, an ibanez rg321mh, and an ibanez rgt42 though this one might be out of my price range. Really, I just want one that is a nice quality, that's nice to play, that'll last me a while, and probably other concerns that I'm not aware of. Thanks.


but, furrealz, if you want something that is at the top of your price range, just wait a little longer. i know you said you're on a borrowed guitar, but if possible i say wait out for the Ibanez.
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I would buy rg321mh. It has a fixed bridge which is useful for metal as you'll want to switch between tunings a lot and if you buy a floyd rose like me you'll have a pretty hard time. It is also really comfortable to play.
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I wouldn't get anything with a Floyd Rose, because it's your 1st guitar, and Floyds are fairly difficult to maintain. Get an Ibanez RG321. It has a Wizard II neck, and those are supposedly the easiest to shred on. Plus it has a fixed bridge, which allows you to switch tunings without much of a hassle.
My good friend has a guitar with a Floyd Rose, so he should be able to help me out if I get one with one, so I don't know if it would be that much of an issue. But, I'll probably go with the rg321 anyway. Thanks.
ibanez, and if you can, get an ibanez amp, they have pretty good distortion. i've got one. i like mine.