im looking to get the TASCAM US-122 interface for recording my band. is this a good interface for recording by mic'ing drums and guitar and vocals with? is it a good interface. im buying it used so i wont have the cd's. can i download the drivers online?
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having only 2 mic inputs it wont really do that good a job at mic'ing drums, but yes for guitar and vocals, and also drivers -can- be downloaded. Some people have some problems with them but personally i never had any trouble with it.
If you want a good workable drum recording go for an interface with at least 4 mic inputs.

Judging from your gear and and all I assume you're recording metal. Not being able to mic the kick and snare separately will crush the quality of your drum track.
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Ive heard good and bad reports from that interface.
If you can I would look into a used PreSonus FP10. They generally go for around $400 new

Drivers can always be gotten online

At the very least I would use a 4 input interface with XLR preamped inputs...such as the M-Audio Fast Track Ultra USB 2.0 however that goes for $350 new and you are better off going for the PreSonus at that point...
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