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Yes I think I might use this service.
2 40%
No I wouldnt use it, I trust everyone . LOL
3 60%
Voters: 5.
I have a idea and will be starting this hopefully this weekend. I have done alot of trading on a few different forums and I have a idea and want to run it buy you guys and please let me know what you think.. o.k. here's a typical scenerio you post a strat on here for trade and you strike a deal through p.m.'s for a Ibanez. Now is where most get nervous, the shipping of your guitar and the trust in the other to send your item as well. Ive been there and it is scary to send off your item and hoping everything goes well. Here's a idea I have.

I have 2 weekdays off each week to devote to this, here it is. After you have struck a deal both parties send me emails with the trade info, including a picture and description of each item. What I would like to do is to let each party send me the items, along with envelope inside including the destination address. I would wait on both items to be delivered here and open each package and take a picture of each and email them to both partys. Once I get a email from both confirming the items are correct, I'll retape both weigh and figure UPS shipping with signature conformation and insurance and email you a paypal invoice which will include the shipping from the UPS website and a fee for myself to each trader. Once payment is sent by both parties I'll take them to UPS (1/2 mile from me) and ship ,send both parties tracking numbers. This way both parties are assured of getting the deal they made.

I know this is going to cost you more because of the shipping and my small fee but It will give you a little piece of mind , I would like to think you can trust everyone but you know and I know you cant. Even if its a heavy poster and had good trader posts you never know when someone might hack someones password and scam. Lets face it ,we put alot of money into our equipment and no one wants to be scammed.

I would do guitars for $40 ($20 from each trader)and go UPS...
Effects and other small mail items( pickups ,parts etc) for $15 ($7.50 from each trader) and sent usps.

Now when I take pics and inspect packages and send that info to both parties and if one trader has a problem the deal is off and I'll send the invoice but its to ship your item back to you. I wont do any negotiations you both need to be satisfied for me to send them to the final destination.

I know this wont be valueable if your sending a cheap guitar but If your sending a 50's tele or strat it could be a great value.

Please vote on the poll and let me know what you think. Thanks.
This would give me no more peace of mind then shipping off to the other trader. The same exact things that make me nervous sending it to them would still be making me nervous when I send it to you.

Also, from a prospective standpoint, what if someone doesn't want you to look at the stuff and touch the stuff that they just either paid for or traded for? That could possibly be a problem for you in the future.

You should also make your plans more detailed, such as if one guitar makes it but the other one doesn't. What do you do? (its obvious you send the guitar back, but what about shipping fees?)

^in above scenario what I think you should do is send the guitar (or item) back free of charge to the guy who sent it to you, and also pay for his shipping of it to you. It would give the person peace of mind to know if it doesn't work out they didn't blow their money on shipping.
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edit for above post: also, I am not voting in the poll, because I don't agree with either choice. While I do not "think this is a valuable service", I also do not trust everyone LOL" (note the LOL just like you have). So I cannot choose a choice because I do not agree with either choice.
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there are already bonding services for this sort of transaction. google it. good idea though.
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so we send you equipment and money? whats to say you don't take everything and run?
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I thougth it was a good idea but see now its not. I just thought it was a good idea for high dollar guitars. Its not going to fly. Thanks