Once in a while I look something up on ebay I remember from when I was younger and waste money on a purchase I don't really need or want.

I was going through some boxes and found my old Fender Frontline mags from the late 80's/early 90's - for you young people this was a semi annual magazine Fender made and usually featured people/bands that somehow all became big in Asia - Vinnie Moore, Jon Butcher, etc...

I had semi-forgotten about the Heartfield guitars - they were kind of like Ibanez but with real Floyds. I remember they never really caught on and were out about the same time as the Fender Prodigy - another guitar you never really see.

So I buy a Heartfield for almost nothing and the serial number is very low - like under 15 and it's branded Fender (there were no headstock pics in the auction). There is no mention of the H brand anywhere on it.

Anyone else ever see something like this?

Did a little research and the guitar was made in the Ibanez factory, which explains why I'm not crazy about it.