my band is thinking about covering them bones

i was wondering what time signature it's in

i think it's 4/4

the singer and drummer think it's in 7/8, the thing is, if the song is in any way groovy, they think it's in 7/8, and i suggested if they like 7/8 so much that we do pink floyd's money. and they were like that's not in 7/8 and that's when i stopped listening to them about matters concerning theory.

i was just wondering for my sake so i can stay on time
the arsonist had oddly shaped feet...
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maybe 7/4, but it's seven something I remember its actually easy if you play along with it enough
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yea thanks

turns out it has two different signatures

7/8 for the verses and 4/4 for the chorus

that's what was throwing me off

thanks guys
the arsonist had oddly shaped feet...