Absolutely incredible band. For those of you who havent heard of them, they are a lo-fi, gritty retro band, with clear throwbacks to the beatles, stones, the band, and others. They just released their newest album, Fate, today, and it completely blew me away.

I wasnt really to into these guys until this album. I though it was cool how old-school they sounded and how rough and raw their songs were, but never gave them too much though. This album, however, totally caught me off guard. Every song just seems so perfectly placed, and each song has such clear roots in completely different eras. Funk, Soul, Motown, Psychedelic Rock etc all come through clearly on this album. I just wrote a review for it that should show up on the main page sometime soon.

Anyone else into Dr Dog, and more importantly, anyone else get a copy of this album yet?
I love this band. The songwriting is great. I currently own We All Belong and Easy Beat and plan on getting Fate soon. For some reason listening to them makes me really happy.
I just read an article about them in my paper and they sounded pretty cool. Thanks for reminding me to check them out.
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One of my favorite bands... I'd say there roughly tied with the beatles for best rock band of all time..Their ****in' amazing live too. I've seen them twice so far and will be seeing them again in september.

I have Toothbrush, Easy Beat, We All Belong, and Fate... It's impossible to compare them all but Easy Beat is probably most favorite because its the album that got me into them. However I'd highly recommend Fate for newcomers because its a very accesible album. Points of it remind me of Beach Boys, The Band, Beatles, Tom Waits, some dylan and perhaps some Motown type stuff.
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I'd highly recommend Fate for newcomers because its a very accesible album. Points of it remind me of Beach Boys, The Band, Beatles, Tom Waits, some dylan and perhaps some Motown type stuff.

the variety and diversity on the album is incredible. one moment your listening to motown and the next youd swear you were listening to john lennon
I picked up a copy of Fate in a local store the other week, completely on a whim cos to be honest I had never heard of them before. So I can't remember entirely why I picked this out but the point is I did, and I absolutely love it. I can't put my finger on quite what makes this album so fantastic. I can't draw similarities between this band and others. Sometimes, just for a split second in a song, I'll think 'ooh this sounds like X, or Y, or Z' but then it's moved on and it no longer sounds like them. Yes I do love this album.
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just saw them on sunday night. holy **** they were good!!!

they played in a TINY venue here in nashville, but were fantastic. the bassist and guitarist pretty much danced around the ENTIRE show and their lead guitarist (who is easily 6'4") just kind of chilled. and they sounded just incredible. especially their bassists voice (the vox for songs like The Ark) - i could not believe how good he sounded live. So raw and loud yet his voice never gave out.

plus, delta spirit opened for them and they are a new favorite - very, very talented band
I haven't heard much of them, other than when they opened for Wilco I think in '05. From what I heard though, they are definitely awesome.
Dr. Dog stole my heart a long time ago when I listened to Psychedelic Swamp. Easy Beat is my favorite album though. I listen to a piece of it almost every morning to ensure a happy day.
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i was going to see them a few weeks ago, but i didn't. i feel like i missed out.
cool band

I have to say that We All Belong is my favorite album of theirs

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I have Fate and We All Belong. One of my favorite bands out there right now.