I recently bought a Squier Strat, and this is my first guitar. Anyway, ive read conflicting information about when to take care of the fretboard. I'm going to replace my strings and i want to put some polish on my fretboard. But to do that i would have to take all the strings off. But ive read (on this website infact) that it's harmful to take all the strings off at once. So, can someone set me straight?
Take all the strings off and polish the fretboard. I do it every time on my guitar and it's fine. The only way it would hurt if you left the strings off for months because it would probably warp
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taking the strings off wont do anything to the neck. just wipe it down with a clean cotton cloth and you can also buy lemon oil to condition the neck or something like that. be careful what you put on it though. you dont want to use water or furniture polish or anything like that. if you go to a music store they can help you out.
leave strings off for a week, it's not great for the guitar. leave em off for a few, you're gonna notice a difference in the guitar for a while. a few months and you have some warpage. 30 minutes off wont do much to your guitar at all. dont worry. as for polish, i recommend dunlop super lemon oil. but you should only use fretboard conditioner if you have rosewood or ebony. never use it on maple. it's pointless.
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Your good with the strat bridge but if you have a Les paul bridge thats when you take off 3 strings at a time. And no polish on the fret board only conditioner like apak said....

By the way apak.... i want your rr5.