First post on Riffs & Recordings for me!

Well, this is my first completed work in Guitar Pro, and I'm pretty proud of it. I can't help but feel the melody sounds familiar though, so if you've heard it somewhere else before, don't hesitate to tell me! C4C!

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Everything was top notch for a first song. Good work.

I kept think the melody sounded maybe like something I'd heard in an Amon Amarth song... But I cant be sure. I dunno.

The palm muted gallops got a bit old by the end of the song though, so, try to vary the rhythmic choices, and try more riffs, rather than chord progressions.
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Nice song. The Melody did seem like I had heard it some where before but its probably just because you mentioned it. I really liked the acoustic bit at 22-25. If you repeated it in the next four bars as well it would even better. The next bit at bar 30 is good untill you start holding the chords out for 2 measures. Maybe just cut them down to one or hit one each measure. The next acoustic section is ace as well but it seems to end in mid phrase at 50 and it kinda ruins the next bit. Just more the next three bars back a measures or ad something into that bar. The interlude is fantastic. some of the chords could be a bit better but what you have deffinatly works. The solo is just ok. you spend the first few bars building up and then dive right into the theme without any climax. I think you should cut both melody repeats sections (105-108 and 109-112) in half and use the extra bars to throw in some quick runs and a climax to the solo because while there is noting wrong with it the melody is just not interesting enough to be repeated that many times. Overall its a solid song.

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