Ok so here's my dilemma. I've been playing almost a year now...and I've gotten pretty good...just....I don't really see myself progressing any further...I got chord transistions down to a science, I can fingerpick decently, and I got all my hammer-ons and stuff down. So what I'm asking is, does anyone have any techniques, songs, online tutorials (free), exercises, or anything that could possibly improve my playing ability? Thanks guys

EDIT: This is all on acoustic btw....Obviously...=/. Just didn't want it to get moved somewhere else. I want to progress ON THE ACOUSTIC. So I thought I'd ask the pro acoustic guitarists.
How are your improv skills? The most rewarding thing I ever learned to do with a guitar was to some up with my own riffs and just jam.

If that interests you I would suggest you learn some scales, and learn what chords fit with what scales. Don't worry about learning songs, just jam along to them.

Pretty soon you'll be coming up with your own killer riffs.
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How to improve your skills after [almost] 1 year of playing ?

You might be surprised, but another year [or so] will improve your skills for sure. Absolutely guaranteed :-)
My last post was just a bit of a joke [hope you don't mind].

After [almost] 1 year of playing you obviously have a lot of options to improve. Guitar is one of the easiest instrument to play yet one of the hardest to play well.

I don't know your music interests but just keep on tackling harder pieces and also practices scales in all keys right up the neck as standard practice every day before playing anything ealse. When you can do that in a couple of miniutes without even thinking about it your doing well !

I've been playing for over 35yrs. The first 10yrs. 4-6 hrs. a day playing classical before going onto steel string guitar and also Banjo and I could play another 35yrs and I'd never consider I had reached a dead end.

If you really want to move up in skill try tackling some Jazz pieces as they can be as difficult as you want [ try some of Jango Reinhardt solos ..lol. lol ] and very few of them easy. Maybe try some Blind Lemon Jefferson early fingerpicking blues that are heavily syncopated [sounds like 2 guitars playing different melodies at once] and very difficult to play well.

Best of all though is playing with other Muzo's, especially if they play other instruments. Doing that creates 'musicianship' that can never be learnt playing alone. The best skill of all and what music is really all about.
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Thanks guys! Great responses. To the first poster, improvising is one of the skills I hope to get well at...I"ll have a look at those scales and chords!
I'm into like rock and pretty much anything that sounds amazing on acoustic......I like some Jack Johnson, John Butler, and other acoustical music like that.....If that helps . But thanks again guys! I'll get to practicing those scales right away.