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AKG Wireless System
2 67%
Furman Pedal Board
1 33%
Voters: 3.
So i recently got one of those guitar center 10% off coupons in the mail (off the back of a catalouge) and my friend and i are going tomorrow and i have to figure out what to use this on. Its really between two things and im just asking for input as to what people think is more important. The first thing is an AKG WMS 40 PRO Guitar Wireless System (http://www.guitarcenter.com/AKG-WMS-40-PRO-Guitar-Wireless-System-275697-i1170554.gc) . Im leaning towards this one because its the cheaper of the two and my band just got a few pretty big gigs between september and november and i think id like to have a wireless system by then. If anybody has any experience with this system please let me know if it works well. The second option is a Furman SPB-8 Pedal Board (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Furman-SPB-8-Pedal-Board-101349207-i1151808.gc) . I have four pedals that i use and could probably live without a pedal board but it would definatly be a nice thing to have.
I honestly wouldn't bother with either one. I haven't tried the AKG but usually you don't want to buy a cheap wireless system. If there's anything you don't want to skimp out on, it's that.

As for the Furman, it's probably a decent pedal board, but for the same price, or less, you could make your own and it'd be 10x better.
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get the pedal board because the wireless system is a piece of ****. If you want a wireless system you got to spend at least $300
Buy something REALLY REALLY expensive. 10% off? Spend a million dollars and you save 100 grand! You can't go wrong!
Pedal Board. A good wireless system with no latency that doesn't suck tone will require a lot more than $200.
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go with the pedal board, you really should spend more money on a wireless....the more expensive it is, the better....at least as far as i know....
I wouldn't buy either. Buy a nice pedal, and build your own board.
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there's usually limits on what you can use those 10% off things on. i got one from musicians friend once and after i read the exceptions i threw it out because basically everything was excluded. make sure you check
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If you don't walk out of Guitar Center with at least 10% off anyway you need to haggle more.
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I think if you don't walk out of Guitar Center with at least 10% off anyway you need to haggle more.

It's harder to haggle nowadays. I haven't confirmed this though, last time I went to GC was months ago.
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pedal board the wireless is just a gimmicky convenience
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