im a decent guitar player, i do small time gigs just for fun...BUT i am completly tech retarded, can someone please help me out.........im buying a rp250 digitech pedal off musicians friend, i just need to no what kind of cables i need to hook it up or will they ship with the pedal?????? please help thanks
you will need one extra Instrument cable... i'm pretty sure it comes with the power supply.. you can also run it off of 9 volt batteries
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Instrument cables.
The same kind you use to plug into your amp.
Except now you will go:

Guitar >cable> Pedal >cable> Amp

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thank u.......so the way your putting i just need a short instrument cable in guessing like 2-5 feet
You will need 1 to connect the pedal to the amp, and 1 to connect the guitar to the pedal. I have it too, and it's pretty easy and simple. Just plug the guitar cable into the "input", and another cable from the Left Output(Mono), to your amp and put the amp on clean with all of the eq settings on 5. Have Fun

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