My Line 6 one is too sensitive and doesn't really like tube amps. So..

I'm looking for one with rather versatile tone, but get get really heavy without the sound being sensitive like my Line 6 one is. Something that goes well with tube amps of course.

And if possible, if it has a noise gate, that'd be even better, unless I can get a good pedal that doesn't need one.


Umm, budget? Doesn't matter.

Edit: also, no battery. It needs an adapter.

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zvex box of metal.

has built in noise gate.
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krank do a nice selection and i recommend the ehx metal muff but i agree with most other people and say get an overdrive (ts-808, digitech bad monkey) and use it with your amps gain control
From what I know the V16 has pretty decent OD so your best bet would be to give it a little helping hand, some of the standard TS's might be a little too brittle.

It always begs the question, if you wanted to play metal, why did you get that amp..But what can I say.