Hey i am really trying to grow out my nails so I can get a better tone when I fingerpick but as soon as they get at a nice length they break.

Does anyone have any tips on how to increase the durability of my fingernails?
Brush glue onto them, thats what professional fingerpickers do.
I totally recommend this:

It works.
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nail strengthening polish?
eat healthier?

guys..we seriously need an only hygiene thread. all these sweat and other body topics are getting annoying.
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the nail polish that's supposta strengthen your nails...
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yeh use the glue and more calcium
or use picks
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yeh use the glue and more calcium
or use picks

I do use picks.

I just do so much tapping in my band that I really want to become more reliant on fingerpicking as I wouldn't have to sacrifice the use of any of my fingers to hold a pick.

I am probably mistaken for something else but doesn't the use of glue detract from tone?