Poll: 7-string no trem/Better 6-string with trem
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4 36%
7 64%
Voters: 11.
I'm looking at upgrading to a new guitar after playing for 2 years on a Dean Evo XM. I would like to play more metal than I currently do and have tried to downtune my current guitar. But, it never holds the tune (thicker strings didnt help me + a new guitar sounds like a plan to me). Options:

1) Buy a 7-string with no tremelo from $600 and under (Ibanze RG7321, etc.)

2) Buy a new and better 6-string with Floyd Rose and better looks/tone wood/electronics/pickups/everything

Budget - $600
Would love the verastility of a 7-string but wouldnt have tremelo
Have a decent amp

Thanks in advance
Dunno how much a Schector Hellraiser 7 string is in your parts... I'd go for that. Or a Ibanez RG 7 string.

Depends if you can afford it.
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Get a 7 string with a trem? You do realize all the seventh string does is add an extra pretty low string. In standard its B so thats probably the highest you will have it, so if your tuning to like c# you will need a capo, or to tune down anyway.
EDIT your guitar didn't hold tune because the tuning pegs. I have that guitar too. Mine stays in tune pretty well and to tune low you don't need heavy strings, i have been to drop b in 9-42 and it was fine. not the most comfortable but i have a dean ml in c# with 9-46 its still pretty tight. Tighter than 10-52 somehow.
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Kind of closed minded topic to the title, but I still say 7 for versatility and more notes, rather than being able to do fancy tasteless lead licks with a Floyd. I say 7, or Here's an idea, a 7 with a trem, they do exist and aren't ridiculously expensive. You can find one easy for under $600, not too mention it's pretty obvious what you're opinion is on the matter in your first post ts w/e, your opinion.
I hate how people overuse the 7th string, so I dont like them. Just sounds off to me.
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Get a 6 string unless you play music that requires a 7 string. Not alot of point getting a 7 if you dont need it