I took a whole Saturday out of my life last year to make a few dozen credit card picks. I went over my friends house on Sunday with a few of them, and he used one. I found it ok, but he found them too flimsy. I never used them again. Opinions?
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don't forget feces. i always get that on my axe somehow.
They get the job done, but I would rather use a proper pick. However if I'm desperate I'll use them.
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Um...credit card picks? Is that as obvious as it's supposed to be or is there something I'm missing?

Either way....I prefer to use pennies if I'm desperate.
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I have used bread ties when really in a pickle and was desperate to get some jamming in at home and lost all my picks. Seemed to get the job done and was a little harder than credit cards, I would assume. I generally use 1mm or higher though as I like really thick picks.