Currently my tone sounds like asshole. I only have a digitech hot rod pedal and I want my distortion to sound like The Hives or Pearl Jam, I want my cleans to be reallllllly clean, how would I be able to achieve this kind of a tone?

I use a Fender Ultimate Chorus, so the cleans aren't really a problem.

Use a BOSS OD pedal of some sort.. I use the OD-3 if i wanted that kinda sound..
( If i'm thinking of the right sorta sound here... )
Knowing what kind of guitar you have would help.

Generally, with the signed record artists who perform and such get sponsored with really nice gear, usually tube amps and stuff, so getting their tone with a Fender Ultimate Chorus would be a real challenge.

Getting better pickups may be a good option, or if you have enough money, investing in a good amp.
get a ds-1 boss distortion it gets a really wram tone but can go crazy if you keep tone at a little past half and the other knob all the way up, before i started using metal pedals it worked pretty well, i would still use it but my amps distortion is nice enough for me
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