Ok. So I am on vacation in LA at the moment. And I am pretty sure I want to buy a Jackson Soloist ( Since the dollar is so much lower than the euro right now I'm gonna go with one of the U.S ones).

But I have some questions.

I tried both of them (SL1 and SL2H) at guitar center today, and I am not sure what I am gonna go with. When I tried them, the SL2H's bridge pup was higher gain than the SL1's. MUCH higher actually. That was kinda weird, because they have the same bridge pups. It might have been the guitar there was something wrong with, or I was doing something wrong. OR am I wrong about the pup thing?

And in terms of versatility I allready own an Epi LP and a Fender Am. Strat. So i don't know. I want to know if the Sl2H is versatile enough to play a bit softer stuff too, or if I'll have to go with the SL1 if i want versatility.
And I play everything. From jazz to uber heavy metal (except emo and mainstream pop, rap and R n B)

So.. that is basically the questions I wanted some experienced one to answer. I want something mainly for Metal, rock and hard rock, but if it has to it can handle a bit softer stuff. And I need answers FAST, since i won't be 'round for long.


and poll perhaps?
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I'd go for the SL2H, since your other guitars can cover other types of music besides metal. And the bridge pickup probably sounded hotter because it was set closer to the strings than the one on the SL1. The pickups on the guitar are quite versatile, so versatility wont be a big problem.
thanks, dude.

I want a few other opinions, though. I don't want to buy something I will regret.

So keep it coming
maybe the pickup was higher. maybe a different gauge of strings. or maybe it was just a different pickup. did you have the volume and tone knobs up full on each?

it really depends on whether you'd rather have HH or HSS pickups...
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yeah, ok. Thanks. I'm gonna check out some guitar stores and some sites about the whole pup thing.