I'm thinking of getting this guitar sometime this year after I get a new amp (the ka looks sweet) and I was gonna put a classic '57 plus in the bridge, but on the gc website, it says there's an "alnico classic plus" in the bridge. I was just wondering if it's the same thing as the classic '57 plus.


That's the guitar and it lists the pickups there. Does anyone know about this?

Also, I was thinking of putting a gfs mean90 in the neck for a p90 tone. Does anyone know how well it replicates the p90s?

Mean 90: http://store.guitarfetish.com/me90tralp90p.html

Thanks for any input.
the alnico classic plus pups in the epis are not equal to gibson classic 57 pups. i say seymour duncan phat cats or prails for p90 sounds.
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