Hi all, basicaly i was at my mates an he has played guitar for a very long time. an i decide that i wanted to play, just for now i wasnt going to be a seirous player just casual an then see how i get on!

so anywayyy my mate gave me a guitar it is just a yamaha pacifca, an basicaly it was a project guitar which he was goign to mod up or something but he gave it me for free an it was in a wreck needed re paitnin an re wiring.

i have now re-painted it an attempted to re wire it but i am havin problems i followed an online wire diagram of what i thought was correct but either im missing someting or im missing some wires.

im pretty sure it is - 1 Humbucker, 2 single, 1 volume, 1 tone, 5 way switch. I was just wonderign if anyone (which im pretty sure have) has rewired the same an has any info or a guide for me (prefferbly with illustrations as im literaly hopless at mo being new to it) :P thanks!!!!
Like i said im realy new t oall this! all i know is that al lthe parts are from stock an that its 1 humbucker, 2 singles 1 volume, 1 tone, 5 way

possible maybee 2 Yamaha Alnico SC, 1 Yamaha Alnico HU

but again im so hopless dont no what modle of pasifica it is..
how many wires does your humbucker have? with some, they have 4 wires plus the plain ground wire. if that's the case, two of those wires need to be soldered and taped off -- not sure which ones exactly since i don't know what you have


this may be similar to what you have
im pretty sure the humbucker does only have 1 thick wire with another coming out of it so id say 2 wires!

i do have a small feelin there is a wire missing because after my first attempt of wiring up i wired all wires an realised that a wire was ment to be solder to the metal plater were there springs are (i could see solder with a bit of wire, were it had been removed)

That image does look very similar, will probly get me on my way ty!!!
Okie well il give it my best shot! thanks very much for the help and info though, appriciated!!