i've got 3 guitar projects in the works at the moment (ibanez RG, kramer striker, jackson kelly). all of them are being rebuilt which means i need all new parts and i'm not sure what pickups i want to put in them. at the moment i'm mainly looking for pickup combos for the ibanez (Hum single hum config) and i need a good single hum for the kelly (only a bridge pickup). i generally play metal, rock and the sort but i do delve into the blues occasionally, what would you suggest?
Really depends on the kind of metal You wanna play, but an EMG 81 is a good bridge pickup
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i'm not too good when it comes to pickups, but apparently dimarzio d-activators are really good if you only want to get passive pickups but want to sound like actives.
dont know if that helps you at all, but just putting that out there
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Dimarzio generally works best for ibanez guitars. D Sonic in bridge, Fast Track mid and Air Norton neck. D Sonic works best for dropped tuning but still perfect for standard tuning. for the kelly, Duncan Blackout for active, and Dimarzio Dactivator for passive.
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