I was thinking about re-stringing my guitar today, so i got it out of its case and grabbed the new strings and some pliers. Just as i was about to take the old strings off, i had a look at the bridge and shat bricks

Sorry for crappy quality
The screw on the A string saddle was gone! I have no idea how it came out, the intonation on the string is still perfect. I found the screw in the bottom of the guitars case.

Anyone else got any stories of weird guitar-related mysteries?
my old guitar used to roar like a dragon when i would bend a note,or play a fast riff, i think the megnets in the pickups were loose, but i didnt friggin' care... it was badass
that happened to my old guitar the exact same thing except i didnt find the screw
that isnt one of those behringers is it??
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Nah the brand is Monterey. Not the best, retails for about AU$300; i payed $50 for it, but the neck on this thing is awesome.