Hey all. My epi les paul std. got pretty bad neck damage. It fell over about 3 times, because Im an idiot, and so is my drummer. We're both to blame, but the initial cracking was my fault.

So I was wondering, Do I completely replace the neck, or do I just try and get it fixed at my local guitar shop?
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if it is beyond 100% repair get a new one
if you can get it back to what it was replace it
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Its a pretty decent sized crack, but it still is playable, with 100% tone as far as im concerned.

Could anybody give me what they think a price for this could be?
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Might as well try getting it repaired, probably be cheaper and less hassle.
especially being a set neck
gd luck with that
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But take it to a luthier, they will know what to do. Considering Slash's guitar neck snapped in half and they saved it, I think they could do something.
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Pics would be helpful, then we could tell you how or what would need to be done to fix it. Might just need some glue, or maybe something to re-inforce it plus glue. Chances are, the paint and finish will never be the same though, I doubt a luthier would even get it perfect unless the entire body is re-painted. If it was my guitar, I would repair it myself. Are you handy with wood working tools? You might actually have fun and buy junk guitars just to fix them...thats basically how I got into it.
^ haha no, i can't even adjust my freaking pickups with making a mess.

But i'll get pics first thing tomorrow ...err later today.

oh and also, I really don't mind about a paint job too much. To be honest, I just would like to be rid of the crack so it feels , and looks (atleast from the front) like a really nice guitar.
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