Just felt like recording this one today, and I think it came out pretty good.


What do you think? The gear used is:

RG370 w/JB in bridge
1922 2x12
Some crappy old mic I always use which records no low end whatsoever.
My computer with audacity.

edit: whops, forgot the link!
I'm a bit of a Killswitch fan myself.

This cover was actually pretty tight, I'm impressed, I was thinking of putting vocals over it for a minute. But if I do that I've gotta' learn the song better.

Sounds like an instrumental of the original really, pretty much identical!

I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.
Hey thanks man!

Just let me know if you want to put vocals on it some time, that would be awesome!
Yea, nice **** there mate! Some bits were a bit off timing wise but great stuff, really.
That was great. You were of a tiny bit on the timing occasionally, but it was barely noticeable, and overall the song was great. The chorus sounded good, which is what I see most people mess up with this song. Add some vocals and you're good to go.

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