So I'm getting a twelve string acoustic tomorrow.
Could people please post some interesting songs
that are played on a twelve string (prefferably acoustic).

Sorry if its been asked before, i used the search bar and couldnt find anything.
If it gets big enough, which it probably wont, ill start a list

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stairway to heaven - led zep
wanted dead or alive - bon jovi
closer to the heart - rush
hotel california - eagles

closure - opeth

u can pretty much play any acoustic song song on a 12 string. takes a while 2 get used 2 playing finger style though
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here comes the sun by the beatles on a 12 string sounds amazing.
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more than a feeling and amanda - boston
i ain't no nice guy - motorhead feat. ozzy and slash
Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles (incredibly hard to play a song like that with a 12-string, since it's at capo 7, but that's what makes it fun!)
Lonely People - America (I like Jars of Clay's cover better though)
More Than A Feeling - Boston.. very fun song.
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a **** ton of Opeth acoustic songs. i.e. Benighted, Patterns in the Ivy, Patterns in the Ivy II, Harvest, parts of The Drapery Falls, parts of Black Rose Immortal, parts of To Bid You Farewell, Still Day Beneath The Sun, Death Whispered a Lullaby, and parts of The Apostle in Triumph.
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hold my hand- hootie and the blowfish
grey street- dave matthews band i cant find a good tab tho
dave matthews might.. just.. be.. god..

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I don't know if you're a fan, but most of the Decemberists and Colin Meloy songs are played on a 12-string.

I was at a local record store last week, and there was some kid there, couldn't have been any older than 12 or 13, rocking out Over The Hills and Far Away on a 12 string. I mean absolutely flawless. I almost felt bad when I left. Here I am, twice his age, and I can't even get close to playing that song.
Thanks everyone that's replied

Also i have a question, the guitar didn't come with the octave string
for the G/3rd string or the 6th string i guess. What string should i use to replace it?
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1 time i was home alone and i said i want a cheeseburger and then mah dad got home and he had a bag of potatoes