Long Live Apathy
I like the intro and how the drums come in, though the hi-hat and crash cymbal sound kinda icky, but the ride and the snare and toms sound really good. The vocals sounded kinda odd at first, but they fit really well in the chorus. I think that you should change one line of the chorus instead of repeating the same thing so many times. The guitar solo(s) were really good though there were a few licks that didn't really sound like they fit with the song.

You Win Some You Lose Some
I like the opening guitar lick - very catchy, and the vocals fit really well too. The singers voice suits this genre of music very well. The drumming sound really good in this tune but the crash cymbal and the hi-hat still sound off. Overall, a good catchy song.

Ground Zero
At this stage your tunes are starting to sound really similar - I think you need to have something that makes them stand out from each other more. There's not too much new for me to mention - once again, everything sound pretty good and it's a good mix overall. The vocalists voice fits well, but I think he could use some work on "proper" singing - other than that it's fine. The guitar solo fits really, really well. I think you could have ended the songs at 4:04 before it went back into the lick one last time.

Lone Killer
I like the backing vocals in this track and the break for the bass. This track stands out a lot because it has those two things which your other songs didn't have. This is probably my favourite one - very short but not too short.

Overall, you guys have a really punky sound going and I think you should try to keep your songs fairly short - under three minutes. Lone Killer was excellent because it left me (the listener) wanting more but you knew when to cut it off. You've got to work on knowing when to end a song and making your songs more distinct from one another. Other than that, I personally don't like the hi-hat or crash cymbal. Good stuff though!

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Thanks a lot for the crit! Some really good constructive comments there.

I see what you mean about the hi-hat and crash, we'll deffinitly keep that in mind when we make some more recordings.

I'll check out your acoustic stuff now!

What does anyone else think of the songs?