when i play live i switch guitars alot, is there any way i can change guitars more quickly as unplugging and replugging is messy and timeconsuming and just looks unproffesional

can i get somthing like a mini 4 track mixer plug all my guitars into that then that into my pedalboard, and just adjust the sliders as appropriate after each song? or will this screw up my amp/pedals?

if that works i can just get a friend to stand at the side of the stage and hand me guitars after each song and flick the mixer for me
get an A/B box, and plug both guitars into it (one into A one into B) then take the main out into ur amp or pedal board. then all u need 2 do is hit the switch 2 change between them
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+1 to the line selector A/B box suggestion, although it depends on how many guitars you use. it shouldn't be difficult to build yourself a line selector which has as many ins/outs as you need.
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A/B ftw. that'll make it nice and easy
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