Can someone please give me the dimensions of a strat (length width ). i need this information urgently as i my p;arents are getting me one from america and i need to know if it can be taken in carry on baggage.

also has anyone had any experience taking a guitar on a flight (they are flying by lufthansa)???

thanks in advance.
Ive flown with my Les Paul once before and talked with some of the aircraft personnel about it. If its in a soft case there wont be any problems with taking it on as a carry on, if its in a hard case it should still be fine so long as its not a really small plane
tell them to buy a very well padded softcase and carry it on, i think it will be allowed but you have to put in the overhead compartments
couldnt find any thing on google about the size..
they have size restrictions on the carry on baggage

k ill tell them about the soft case and slackening the strings.
the guitar should come with a fendr gig bag
thanks alot
Quote by mudjimba
Make sure they unwind the strings so there completely slack.

Wrong. Don't do this. It's a common misconception. In a tech column I read, the tech said he had seen several cases of necks warping, when the strings were slacked, and had never seen one when the the strings were kept tense.
I have my old American Strat that I usually just take the neck off and stick in my luggage between some clothes
thats alright but I can imagine after a few times the neck holes would start to wear
No, what I did was take a Drill press and put steel threaded posts in the neck and body.

The guitar actually sounds better like this - of course that's subjective - because the joint is much tighter.

If he's looking for a quick way to get the guitar home I don't think doing this once would hurt anything.