Hi fellas.

Im running Reason 4 through Cubase SX3 and I've ran into a bit of a problem. I think it could be fixed easy but im not the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to Reason. Heres my problem.

Reason 4 is been run through ReWire into Cubase 3, On the second channel is my piano, which is from the NN-19 module in reason, on my third channel is addictive drums running as a VST through cubase. The problem is, everytime I play a key on addictive drums, I get the piano sound aswell. My midi controller is using both for some reason. I've checked the channels and all seems fine. Im using an M-Audio Keystation 493.

Please help. Luke.
Make sure your controller isn't sending global MIDI on 1-16. It needs to be set so that it only sends on the channel you are trying to control, or your DAW only receives that channel at that time. Check the manual of the Keystation for send protocols and splits/layer settings.
Dont suppose you could point me in the direction of how I change those settings and where to access them could you? Sorry if I seem like a rookie, it's because with midi I am. only got the keyboard yesterday :p
Unfortunately I have no hands on experience with the Keystation series of controllers, so I can't help you further. The only thing I can suggest is to scan the manual for something that seems relevant.