Ok, ive been playing my Ovation applause AE28M electro acoustic guitar for nearly 3 months now, and love it. Its not just the guitar that kicks ass and plays smooth, but im a fairly fast learner and play it quite well, so I was thinking about getting an eletric. im putting some links to ones I like.

This one, apart from looking great has a whammy bar, so i realy like this one. I cant find any reviews or any info about it so its probably a cheap one


This has some wicked reviews but alot of people are saying that the action was COMPLETLY wrong and after set slowly fell apart piece by piece. some people are saying "their not too impressed"


This one has brilliant reviews, but personally I HATE the look. im not into heavy metal or anything and this guitar is designed for it. The review is 9/10, just a bit better than the dean, and apparently plays and sounds amazing. but it is the most expensive.


So... The big question.

Which one?
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The Jackson looks wicked, and i wouldn't necessarily restrict it's looks to metal.
I agree... get the jackson
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ok guys, im gonna try a pacifica 112 like the niguitars guy suggested. theres loads on ebay, the reviews are great and its meant to be great for beginners. I dont want anything too expensive since 1. I have 50 pounds ($100 usd) and 2. im planning on buying a better one in future anyway. plus their cheap on ebay, 60GBP+.

any suggestions?
The Jackson JS's are pretty cruddy.

£50 isn't really enough even for a second hand guitar unless you buy something really cheap, and there's the small matter of needing an amp too, but if you can get a Pacifica 112 for fity quid then it's a safe enough bet, they're solid guitars...I'd expect them to go for closer to a ton though unless they're completely shagged.
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Meh. Some assholes outbid me on Ebay. ill just wait till I get some more money.
Ok, decided to get this. Piece Of crap, I know but you cant beat it for the price. I know plenty of people who have crappy guitars even worse than this and they say theres nothing wrong with them. Obviously the expensive ones are better, but Ive played on a vintage strat worth £2500 and dont see a HUGE difference between that and one that cost £200. I have to admit though, the sound quality on the strat was brilliant, and it played a hundred time easier than the crap one, but its ok since im only a beginner, and this is only temporary.

Let me know what you guys think.