So I'm looking to do some modifications to my Schecter Damien FR. It currently has volume/tone/3-way switch on it.

I want to replace one of the two knobs with a push-pull. I still want the switch to control the pickup selection but I want to rig the push pull as a MUTE for my guitar. So I can just pull it out and not have any sound... Can I do this. I figured I can but just want some other oppinions on weather or not it's possible.

Another thing... Even if it is or isn't possible I'm still going to replace my pots because they don't have the response that I want. The volume barely makes any difference until it's all the way off.

Last thing... How do you know what ohm rating you would want for each knob?

Thanks all.
well, i think it would work if you wired the input through it to the switch, not sure on ohm ratings. lemme kno how this goes
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I believe it's generally 250Kohms for humbuckers & 500 Kohms for single coils but PU manufacturers recommendations take priority. If your current pots don't seem to affect sound the way you'd expect, I'd check their taper. There's basically 3 types, linear, Log A & Log B (log sometimes called audio taper). Linear means the resistance changes linearily as you move the pot's knob ie. 1/4 turn is 1/4 value change, 1/2 turn is 1/2 value etc. Log (or Audio) taper is geared towards the response of your ear with the value changes happening logrythmically instead. So 1/2 turn of pot may only be 1/10 value (approx.) Of the two Log tapers one has the most change in the first half of range and the other taper has the greater change in the second half. Volume pots need Log style tapers and so do many Tone controls as well.
As for your PU/Mute switch idea, it really depends on the number of combinations you need vs the no of Poles & throws the switch has.
Moving on.....
^^ got it reversed 500 for humbuckers 250 for singles

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Are you going to use this for an effect? If so, you will want to be carefull with the choice of knob you choose so that it's not always pulling off.
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Are you going to use this for an effect? If so, you will want to be carefull with the choice of knob you choose so that it's not always pulling off.

My Damien came with knobs that are secured on with an allen screw... so they should be pretty good about pulling off...
I have no idea what Damien is but that sounds cool. The allen screw knobs do loosen up though.

If you don't use your tone control you could always remove it and put a switch in the hole.
I was also considering taking out my switch putting the push pull there so that I had separate volumes, tone, and the push pull could switch my pickups...
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Just wire the new push/pull as a killswitch. That'll do what you want.

As far as using your push/pull to switch your pickups....I don't see that being useful.
It's more clumsy than a switch, and you'll still have the hole where your old switch went.

No I would add a third knob... in the place where the switch is. So I would have Two Volume knobs (1 for each pickup) and a tone knob.
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Still seems clumsy.

I would never want to switch between pickups like that in a gig.

I've decided to go with the previous so I still have my 3-way switch though...