For a cheap multi fx pedal

digitech rp250 or zoom G1x or maybe G2x

i know neither are particularly brilliant in terms of tones but i just want variety.... and low cost...

any thoughts?
I've only played with the G1X but I was very pleasantly surprised by its tones and therfore bought one they're good.
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digitech are way better!!!

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my friend has a zoom g2x and is always going on about how durable it is, and i have played with it, and to my surprise, it was easy to use and sounded pretty good. i havent had a chance to use an rps250, but they kind of look flimsy.
I have a Digitech rp50 which only cost me $50. For the price its damn good. Not great for dialing in tones, but lots of cool effects. Plus I know the rp250 is wayyyyyyyyyyyy more customizable.
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Unless its electronic drums.

your going to end up hating either of them in a few months. if your dead set on a multi effects unit the only way to go is the boss gt8 or gt10, but you really should buy separate pedals, they sound better and you'll be happier in the long run.

unless this is purely for messing around with random effects, in that case they'll both be fine, go cheap. but it wont have the potential to leave your bedroom

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I had a digitech RP 150a (i think, mighta been 100)

Anyway, it was alright while it lasted, but last it did not, i only got a year out of it, before it just died. Sounds were quite digital, but it allowed me to get a feel for differn't effects, and which i liked (and didn't) , before i started buying proper pedals...
the new chip from Digitech far surpasses the old so my vote is the RP250. Smaller form factor and you get a lot of stuff to mess with. I have some clips of it in my profile. This would be a good option if you don't want a long, heavy pedal board.