i use a combo of garageband and audacity
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audacity. i used sony vegas before that cos i used it for video editing and i found ways to apply it for music. but audacity was pretty simple so i just use that these days.

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Professionally? I use Cubase...at school.
Home it's Audacity.
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I use the stealth plug, is an amazing little gizmo, better than the tone port in my view and it comes with bundles of very good software. Amplitube live 2 and tracktion in perticular.

JACK + ardour + hydrogen + loadsofstuff = win

Best of all, its all 100% free and open source

Audacity is pretty good if you're stuck on windows, its also free

Hardware, I use a shure sm57 and an Edirol UA-25
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I use Riffworks Line6 version and Line6 Gearbox for a pretty wide selection of tones. Its a flexible combination and very handy for those late night ideas. Its not a studio quality recording but its a lot of fun to use and simple way to share ideas with others. You can also drop a project and revisit it later and continue working like you never left it.

Its free. Woot. It has alot of things that i dont like, but, it works and alows minor editing.
Great for just throwing down an idea exporting to mp3 and sending to the band.

So yeah free and for the most part it works YAY

I use Cakewalk Music Creator. It's a limited version of Sonar and it's $40 to dl from the Cakewalk website. I haven't found the "limited" part yet...
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Quote by pluckypigeon
I personally use Audacity. What other stuff is available??

audacity alone doesnt record a guitar.......

you need hardware like an interface, cables, stands, mics...
its all controlled with the software

Personally my sequencer of choice is Cakewalk Sonar. I am running Producer 7 right now. I think it is well worth the price. the soft synths are great.