Yay!!! Just got my new amp yesterday and just finished putting a new speker in a few hours ago and its amazing.

Its a Crate V18 112 By the way, these things are great. Sound Clips Soon!!!!

But it is a single channel amp and I'm looking for and OD pedal that will allow me to simulate a 2 channel amp for when I need to switch between clean and overdrive and to give a volume boost for solos.

I'm looking into a Boss Blues Driver. So far I like what I hear from sound clips.

What does UG think?
Any other reccommendations for something similar would be apricated as well.
$100-ish budget

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what kind of music do you want to play? usually, you cant go too wrong with a boss pedal, but what pedal depends on what you play.
The Fulltone OCD works really well for switching between clean and overdriven, and it's more than capable of boosting volume for solos. I think it costs like $130. I could be wrong though. Also, I've heard bad things about the blues driver.
what kind of guitar do you use?

The problem is that once you start cranking the volume, the power stage is going to break up and you're going to have an overdriven sound period whether you use a pedal or not. The best way to get clean and overdrive is by using your guitar's volume control.