well, i went down to my local guitar center with my dad yesterday to just look at guitars. he said he would give me 50 bucks towards one since a few days ago it was my birthday, the rest was all on me. so, we go and start looking and then he brings up the fact that hell be leaving for a week on saturday and i wouldnt have a chance before that to get one. so it will be about a week and a half before he could take me again. so, i started feeling a bit rushed about my decision. i see a fender i really like and get the guy to take it down and tell me everything about it. I'm rather uneducated about acoustics and electric acoustics but i know a little. here are the specs on the guitar:

- it is an electric acoustic
- dunno much about the electronics
- the body is made of all koa woad.
- the neck is maple and the fretboard is rosewoad
- body style is dreadnought (i think)
- i think the model name is dao nat but i'm not sure. thats just what it says on the inside next to what i think is the model number.

so, me and my dad like the guitar but then the guy brings up the fact that almost all fenders are discounted this month. so... makes my decision even more rushed. to make things wourse, my dad was really antsy to get out of the store for some reason. i felt like i just had to make a decision right there and then. i ended buying it for $380 (minus 50 from my dad) and not knowing if it was a good deal or not. we were just there to look and i ended up buying a new guitar.

so... i ask you guys who know more about guitar. did i get a good deal?

ill go attempt to upload a pic of it but i dunno if it will work.
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are you happy with the sound and the feel of it?..isnt that all that matters?
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Well... a big part of getting a guitar is obviously quality (sound, fit, and how well YOU like it) and if it satisfies you then it was a good deal Fender is a good brand, guitar sounds like it was put together decently, and you wouldnt buy a **** guitar for just looks ide hope? (that would be very foolish) so my opinion is sounds like a good deal^^
Those specs are sketchy. Try finding your guitar on the fender website and copy n paste the actual specs from there. We'll be able to give better insight then.
First of all, I hate to break it to you, but the guy in the store lied to you. That guitar has no Koa on it at all. I'm pretty sure I know which line of guitars you are talking about and they have laminated spruce tops with either laminated bubinga, laminated striped ebony, or laminated dao back and sides. Also, the neck should be Nato, not Maple. Sounds like yours has laminated Dao back and sides. These guitars typically sell for $400, so you didn't get a great deal, but definitely not a bad deal.

And as the others have said, if you are happy with the guitar then you made a fine choice. There are not many great options out there for acoustic-electric guitars at the $400 level. There are a few that do have solid tops, and people typically prefer a solid top... but like I said, if you are happy then you are happy!

i personally would've reccomended the takamine EG544SC its a koa acoustic electric with a built in tuner that sounds incredible. i think its like origionally 600 bucks but my grandma got a huge discount on mine when she got it for me for christmas. you normally can negotiate prices on guitars especially at guitar center just be friendly with one of the people working there and they'll usually cut you a deal. if your not happy with it just take it back
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you guys are lucky to be able to bargain the big chain store in canada(Long & Mcquade) refuses to give any discounts. even if you buy multiple guitars at once. they have the lowest prices that found anywhere(and that's true), but other stores will not only price match them, but they'll also throw stuff in as well.
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