I am selling a pair of DiMarzio Humbuckers. These are from the 70's and were the first aftermarket pickup that DiMarzio made.

The following I cut and pasted about the pickups.

"This pickup started a sound revolution. Replacement pickups simply didn't exist before the invention of the Super Distortion® in the early Seventies. The Super Distortion® (and its original 3- conductor version, the Dual Sound® was the first pickup specifically designed to kick a tube amp into total overdrive, and is still the standard by which all other high-output pickups are measured.

The Super Distortion® has a perfect blend of power and tone: both single-notes and chords jump out of the amp and fill the room (or the track) with a wall of sound. The balance of tones is classic-thick, boosted mids, big lows and fat highs."

I would like to get about $50.00 for them and will throw in a pair of Sprague Orange Drops free.
Didn't come through.

The guitar they came out of was a 60's Gibson 330 - so the leads are long. I'm putting P-90s in.

There is a pic of the guitar in my profile with these in it.

They are USA made.
Can't really tell from the pic but is there anyway to know that they are dimarzios?
Also whats the prefered payment for them?
And is shipping included or how much will that add?
I really want these
USPS Money order. I can send them USPS Priority. I would think it'll proably be about $8.00 for this and tracking. I will pack them well.