I recently started recording some relatively simple songs involving multiple guitar layers and several other misc instruments. So far I haven't recorded anything fantastic, but I enjoy writing and composing these songs. So here is my myspace page, hope you guyys like them

First, I'd like to say that "FlintSparks" as a name really caught my attention, so good job there! Also, looking through your influences I really love most/all of those bands and I can hear them in your work. Good stuff!

I'm listening to "Sky's Aloft" at the moment and I really like the way this sounds. It's very relaxing and soothing. It's calm and everything fits together well - nothing is trying to do more than it has to and it sounds great!

I've decided not to comment on each song individually - I really like it all and am going to add you as a friend. Everything is very pretty and mellow - which I like a lot. Keep up the great work!