I have been playing guitar for a few years, and have recently been playing my brothers crappy starter ibanez bass. Since he isnt letting me borrow it anymore, and i really enjoyed playing bass, i've been thinking of getting my own. I have no clue what amp or bass to get, i do like the thunderbird's look, but i've heard they are pretty bad.. what are some other good but pretty inexpensive basses. i play mostly rock and metal, but ive been learning to do slap and pop, so what basses would be really versatile?
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either of the squier vintage modifieds would be a good place to start
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Take a look at Schecter basses. They're korean made but still really top notch instruments for a lot less than brands like fender. For example the Omen series might be what you're looking for. Schecter basses are really versatile and I've owned two of them, they are made for heavier stuff but they still kick butt playing funkier stuff and jazz.

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