Killer Texas technical black metal, like third album Immortal colliding with Morbid Angel's "Altars of Madness."

Averse Sefira website

Trees don't pay taxes: An AVERSE SEFIRA interview

Averse Sefira on church burning, what it is to be a Hessian, why humans ignore the destruction of nature and why black metal is still relevant. Video interview with "A Year at the Wheel".


Read more about their music and hear mp3 samples:

Averse Sefira review
Pretty cool stuff. It's good to see some black metal from Texas too.
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I remember back when they played here with Wattain and Cephalic Carnage. And the Averse Sefira guy's went on about how they hate CC and all "life metal" . They have a great drummer though even if their music does get extremely repetitive, i love them in small doses.
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It's good to see some black metal from Texas too.

Some influential metal bands from Texas:

Rigor Mortis
dead horse

Recent black metal, there's a ton. The one that caught my ear was Bahimiron.

Double-LP Vinyl Release on The Ajna Offensive

Advent Parallax combines grotesquely dissonant guitars, complex syncopation, and full throttle tempos to yield a black metal album of pure potency. With artwork provided by Jos A. Smith (of first Bathory album fame) and sane although obviously controversial public statements, Averse Sefira slam the full black metal experience into the base of your skull.

Averse Sefira - Advent Parallax @ The Ajna Offensive

Averse Sefira review @ The Dark Legions Archive

I'm going to pick one of these up later today.

It's worth it for the artwork, even if I don't have a vinyl player.
They've got some gooood music.

Plus they're from my city.
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I've seen them live, but I actually don't like the band very much. I shall give them a listen later today and see if that's changed.
Cool, another Sefira fan.

Tetragrammatical Astygmata is one of the best modern black metal albums.
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Averse Sefira is heading out on tour with Absu and Glorior Belli in just a few months.
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I would like to stop learning things like Goatse

Ironic. I thought anusites enjoyed pictures of anuses.
One of the better bands from around there; not doing much new things music-wise, but the sound is absolutely fanatical

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I've heard Tetragrammatical Astygmata. Nice stuff.

What would be a good album to get next?
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This August, Averse Sefira will make their first ever appearances in Central America:

Friday, August 14 - La Bode - Ruta 2 3-47 4 Grados Norte Zona 4, Ciudad Guatemala, Guatemala

Saturday, August 15 - Museo de Antropologia e Historia - 3 Av. y 4 calle San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Sunday, August 16 - Bar Buhoos - San Salvador, El Salvador


Awesome that a Texas black metal band tours Central America.
I have met them a couple times (they are from my old home town of Austin, Texas) and they are pretty cool guys, however they're music is alright, as wh0racLe said, their music often sounds dull IMO. They're not bad by any stretch of the mind, its just that there are already a whole bunch of Black metal artists who do it better.
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What does everyone think of Advent Parallax? I'm debating between buying it or Christicide's s/t...
Checking out Battle's Clarion right now, it's pretty sweet so far.
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While they have good features to them and if i'm in the right mood i dig them quite a bit, i could never really properly get into them though. Their drummer was pretty savage when i saw them a few years back.
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Acid probably makes you feel less like a hedonistic raver piece of trash, too.