how do u do it ,besides telling me to remove the strings? with a rag?
just rub it with your ass...
of course with a rag...
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omfg, i dont need ****ing smart ass answers. holy **** ****ing dumbasses
matt chavie's right. clean it like the rest of the guitar. you cant really clean a soundhole though... it's a hole. so... what specifically do you mean?
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Im a little confused too. Do u mean the edge of the soundhole or the area within the body of the guitar you can see through the soundhole?
You must be talking about dust etc. inside. Loosen all your strings so you can move them to one side. Just use a slightly damp rag. [not a wet rag]. Don't use cleaners or polish!

Keeping the guitar in a case when your not using it is the best way to keep it clean inside and out.
I believe you don't have to clean the inside of the guitar... But if you want, i've heard of people who pass a small vaccuum through it to suck up some **** on the inside.
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