Ok I love RG's and I want to buy like a RG with a neck thru and a hardtail but I found a B-sock rg neck thru but with a tremolo for like $479 and its usually like $800. I was wondering if I like put some extra springs and or a tremol-no in it and took off the bar would it work the same as a hardtail? I play rythym and have no desire nor do I know how to use a tremolo.
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But anyways, if you can install a tremol-no it'll work as a hardtail. Adding extra springs will not be the right solution. Now if you don't want to use the trem, just unscrew the whammy bar. That's all there is to it. On the other hand, if you're looking for the tuning stability or extra sustain involved with hardtail bridges, you might want to look at some RGs that do not have trems.
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Yeah, throw as many springs in as will fit and block it with a bit of wood. Quite a few people do that.
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or heres an idea... just learn how to set up the tremolo. in my opinion a PROPERLY SETUP double locking tremolo will stay in tune better than a standard guitar. it wont get knocked out of tune just by bumping the tuning pegs. just a thought...