Alright, I am considering selling both of my electric guitars and buying one pretty good one.

The prices I was thinking of selling them at are:

Ibanez AS73G - $290 (owned for almost 2 years)
Ibanez GRG170DX - $210 (owned for 3 years)

That's about $10-$20 under the price on ebay. The guitars are in great condition besides some easily cleaned smudges on the fretboard and body.

Would you say this is reasonable? It wouldn't be asking too much would it?

*another idea I was contemplating was selling the semi-hollow, and replacing the stock pickups in the GRG with Breeds (or something similar). Thoughts on that?
not bad idea, does very much depend on the new guitar you are planning on buying
tip is to have that idea before you sell the others
Even if they look brand new, they're still used, you'll not get those prices for them.
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lol you wish someone would pay $9 less for a 2 year old guitar
seriously youil need to lower the prices significantly look in the gear ads section of this site theres guitars 200 below the rrp and in mint condition
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Even if they look brand new, they're still used, you'll not get those prices for them.

You are right, but there is people on Ebay selling the AS73G used for more than what I'm offering...so, maybe drop it another $10-30.

On the other hand, the GRG seems to have degraded in price more...great.
How does $180-$190 sound?

If I could sell both that still manages out to about $500...and the guitar I am looking at is just under $400.
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