There's harder songs IMO. Although, yes, to get it clean and up to speed is a challenge.
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Its hard to get most solos note for note. But if you get the main licks and improvise around them, which is what a lot of people do, its a little easier, and it sounds more original.
It has its difficulties. I myself cannot play it. But it's just speed is all it is. There's nothing really musical about it at all, just blind speed kind of. There is much more difficult things out there, and Eruption really isn't that special. Coming from a HUGE Van Halen fan. But to answer your question, still difficult as hell. I'd rather hear EVH do some live solos, such as 316 from the "Right Here, Right Now" live set.
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yeh...it's pretty hard. I tried to learn it...I've got most of it down, but it's still pretty ruff. The songs nothing special though, extremely overrated.
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Eh. The tapping is cake. Some of the rest of it can be challenging.

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The first 30 seconds or so have some technically ackward parts, but the speed picking and the tapping are extremely easy.


Just learn the basic parts, and work some things out that sound like the original. It'll be more induvidual, and you can make it cooler than it already is (maybe).

Although, this is coming from a bloke that hates learning solos.

Improvising FTW!!!!!1111!!1!
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