I've been searching for this song for so long and I just can't find it!!!
the artist is Points Out West(most likely..) and the name of the song is how the west was won..it was in true crime the streets of la game and i've been looking it ever since..i searched the net asked record stores but no one knew it...
would you help me...??
sorry no mate
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and the first lyrics were sth like:"didn't they show you how the west was won when you were young.."
thanks filthandfury for searching anyways...
Well you mentioned that it was on True Crime SOLA, I have that game and I dont remember many rock songs on it and I looked at the soundtrack and couldnt find anything. But seeing that the sequel True Crime: New York City has many rock songs on it, perhaps you got the games mixed up?
Heres a link for the New York City game, you'll find the soundtrack there.

hey guys!!!
just let yiu know that i've found the song!!!
it was points west by the explosion
sorry for the trouble and thanks for bothering and searching!!!!appreciate it