Does anyone else have one ?, Have been researching most of the morning and can't seem to find any pertinent info as to year of mfg., etc. Any info would be most helpful
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If you are still wondering when it was made, I have one that I bought new in 1967. The neck is very narrow so is great for small hands. Not the best sounding guitar but I have always enjoyed it. My fret slots were cut incorrectly starting at the nut, off by about 3/32nds of an inch so I installed a spacer to lengthen the distance from nut to bridge. Now it plays in tune. I didn't discover that for 10 years, no wonder my tuning ear sucks.
why on earth would you ressurrect a 2 yr old thread. the op is most likely not even around anymore. watch your dates cuz our mods tend to frown on necro-bumps like this.