OK so ive been playing for about a half a year and i would say im pretty good (for how long ive been playing).BUT i just wanted to know if im practicing right and if not what would be the best way too.

ok when i practice i basically here a song that i like or would be a challenge to play and i look the tab up and play it. After im think ive masterd the song il go to another one. its been working so far and ive got a ton better.

and for techniques...if i need to learn a new one thats in a song (like hammer-ons chords stuff like that) il just look it up and learn them.

ocassionly i take a theory lesson (maybe once a week) but most of the time i just play songs...

ive been playin a year & a half & thats all i ever usually do
as well as making my own stuff & just messing around
but wish i had a teacher or something to learn theory & stuff behind it all
that seems okay for the time being
as you progress and get even better, about 1 year and a half like joey, try to start making up your own riffs off of the other songs you have learned

this way you can experiment with the techniques youve learned.
also, always learn new things.

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everyone practises in there own way. i never had a guitar teacher apart from for a few weeks last year and i dont think it made me improve any faster.

keep doing what your doing
That's EXACTLY what I do. I've been playing for quite a bit shorter than you have though, (almost 5 months) The key is though, to learn harder and harder stuff, so you can actually learn from it, but I'm sure you're doing that. And even though I do have a teacher, 90% of what I play is self-taught, because I'm way ahead of the lessons my teacher is giving me.
Play with a metronome, search google for one.

You should practice more, try to even up your times for example:

5 min= warm up (chhromatic, spider, stretch etc)
5 min= strum warmups (change your chrods then strum then change)
5 min= Chord changes (practice changing your chords)
5 min= Other (sweeping, tapping, bending, ho/po)
then you use the rest of your time to learn songs

no this is not a correct guide practice routine, its just an example
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Like the guys said you're doing fine and have fun with the guitar.

Playing along with the drums is also a very good idea. Beside playing in sync it also allows you to express yourself and learn phrasings in a way that you probably wouldn't have without drums. It lays the foundation for it and also make your improvisations more enjoyable.

I'm spoiled by the drums, I gotta play with drums, it's a whole lot more fun and I changed a lot of songs into instrumentals.

By the way, I was a surf instrumental guitarist back in the late 60s so instrumentals' in my blood. Now I play hard rock and metal as instrumentals.