hello pit, lately i have been looking at protien supplements and nitric oxide supplements. BSN has nitrix and i dont know of any other good protien supplements. so have you guys used protien supplements like the shakes. can you recommend me some good ones? also has anyone used BSN nitrix? does it work? or is there another good one you recomend?
I use BSN's N.O. Explode before I workout and then I use their Cell Mass and their Syntha 6 protien powders after and it works like a charm. The Syntha 6 protien is by far the best protein out there. Just saying that it tastes AMAZING is an understatement. Here's the BSN website.
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I use dymatize elite protein after all of my workouts, and it works great. Also optimum is very good, my buddy uses it and swears by it. When getting protein make sure its whey though, as it is absorbed into your body at a much faster rate.

As for nitric oxide, i recently just started using some, and i use NO-xplode. I dont have anything to compare it to, but it really helps to increase the intensity of workouts, and i definitely notice a difference as to not using any no2.
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