I love it. That riff is so funky! Tone on the guitar and bass is sweet. Lyrics are awesome and whoever is singing has a nice voice. Very Nice.
Way cool man!! I really liked the guitar alot. And the drummer with the voice is something you don't see too often anymore. The only thing that needed a little work were the drums in a few spots. Nothing much, it just seemed like they were off in a few places.

Good job, great song!

The guitar is nice, wah is used very nicely. Vocals are cool, interesting lyrics. The bass adds a cool element, I find that in a lot of band's songs, the bass is inaudible, you guys did not make that mistake. Drums did seem to be a little bit off just once or twice, not a big deal & the guitar in the interlude/bridge thing sounded a little out of tune. Overall, just a cool funky song, very fun to listen to.

EDIT: oh, and crit my song in my profile too? thanx http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Seattle_sound35/ and here's the thread https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=917185
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Thanks for all the feedback guys! Yea i ****ing strung the G string backwards on my les paul, it falls out of tune easily, especially if you're doing alot of bends like I do in this song. Glad to see you guys dig it. The drummer has almost a mitch mitchel style, hes all over the place. I know he gets off from time to time, he seems alot better live than in the studio. Im in a computer lab at my apartment complex, I can't listen to any music on here. I'll return critique as soon as I can

nice work, overall a cool sounding funky track. the solos were interesting as well. only small issues i heard: drums could be tightened a bit, and your bends/vibrato could be a little bit more solid. good job tho.

if you find time, feel free to crit mine:
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