We are opening for Shadow Box Theory at 9pm at Cheer's (21 and over). Plus, its only $2 to get in!


We replaced one of the bands on this poster, but it has all the info on it.

I like the opening to "It's Not My Time" - the guitar sounds really good clean. Actually, I really like all the instrumentation throughout and the vocals sound really good. The vocalist has a nice voice.

I really like the intro to "Salem". When the instruments come in I really like the lead guitar lines, but the instrumentation sounds poorly mixed. Each instrument sounds really good but it needs a more even mix and then it would sound a lot better.

The quality of "Divide and Conquer" seems kinda lacking, but the instrumentation sounds really good. The guitars blend well together and the leads sound terrific.

"uh" has great leads too. I have concluded that all the lead parts sound really good. Unfortunately, it feels like this song drags on a bit too much by the end - I recommend changing things up a bit more or adding a new part.

I love "Gangsta School Rap" . This is the best track up there by far. At first I thought "What the ****?" but then I was like "This is amazing."

I really, really, really like the overall sound of "Destiny". I have absolutely no complaints on this track. Great stuff!

If you've got a chance check out my stuff and let me know what you think http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968
First off, thank you for the feedback. It really does help.

Cookies N Milk- Really liked the chord progression, however i thought the vocals could've been a bit better for this track.

Gumdrop Sailboats- Love the guitar in this song! It shows a lot of talent. I have no real complaints about the song

Untitled- The only thing I noticed was that the voice was sort of drowned out at parts and I couldn't really understand the voice. It was a good track. It sort of reminds me of a Nirvana influence.

Spilt Milk- I love that jazzy feel, again excellent guitar. What would really help in your folk music is to have a piercing voice. Your voice sounds pretty good but i think it would be better if it was more noticable than the guitar.

Black Swan- I feel this is your best song on your page. I really like the vocals and the chord progression is beautiful with a little bit of solos too. Awesome job.

Timid-Vocal harmonies work well. It reminds me of the beatles in a way. There are a couple of parts where the vocal harmonies sound like they slip a bit but it brings itself back together.

Overall, I think you are a great guitarist and a decent singer, but the vocals need just a bit more work. Great stuff though!